Training & Activities


Indoor Classes

All are welcome on the Monday classes in a local village hall in the Bromley area. Inger encourages formal socialisation and basic disciplines to the benefit of the dog and handlers partnership.

Training is for all levels, from basic to advanced e.g. competitive standards of obedience, agility and working tests.

Training includes the canine country and town code and The Kennel Club Good Citizen test.

The DogSolutions Display Team regularly perform at various venues and events, demonstrating their skills in gun dog work, obedience and freestyle.

Starting this coming Spring, please join us for Hike & Hound. An opportunity to walk and train with your dog!

My Specialities

- Behaviour problems with all types of dogs
- Training classes specialist in junior handling
- Fitness and diet management
- Dog demonstrations at public venues
- Practising obedience and working tests competitions
- Assessor for various canine tests

Group Canine Therapy

Teaching dog social behaviour starts with meeting other dogs and owners.

Basic training aimed for pets:

- Obedience, formal socialisation
- The Town Code
- The Country Code

Gun Dog Training with a difference

If your dog has issues and behaviours you cannot understand or identify then they can be accessed and advice can be given to allow you and your dog to live the best life.


Special Training focused towards all levels of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests.

The training aimed at gundogs and crossbreeds with a gundog attitude.
- Gundog discipline
- Steadiness
- Retrieving
- Water training

Training and Assessment of behaviour and lifestyle issues focused towards Kennel Club Regulations
- Working tests, trials and the gundog club assessments
- Training/assessment; behaviour ad lifestyle issues.

Special Events:
- Training days
- Workshops
- Ringcraft and Grooming
- Seminars

If you want to know more why not contact Inger and have an informal chat to discuss your needs and requirements.

The cost of DogSolutions' training classes depends on the age of the dog, the length of the class and the location of the class.