"Being the owner of a 7-month-old high drive springer spaniel, I was at my wit's end!! Until I met Inger.
With training, hard work, and patience, amazing we turned things around, and to my surprise, we even made it into the DogSolutions display team... I cannot thank Inger enough and will be forever grateful

Sarah & Elsa

"Today all the training paid off! I was walking with Ebony through a field when 4 deer ran across in front of us. It was the first time she had seen deer so I didn't know how she would react. I told her to sit and stay, she sat and watched them run in front of her and into the woods on the far side. I then told her to come and she came to me immediately. Doing a perfect recall. The friend I was with was extremely impressed."

Amanda & Ebony

"I adopted Boston, a 2 year old staffie pug, at the beginning of the year (2018) and was very quickly out of my depth. A lively, happy, noisy dog, the rescue centre told me he needed some "manners" but I was overwhelmed by his lack of discipline and my inability to control him. To add to my stress he became reactive to unknown dogs. I couldn't cope and was considering giving him up, which would have broken my heart.
As soon as I met Inger I knew she could help us - her experience, kindness and no nonsense approach was refreshing. She immediately recognised my anxiety was adding to our problems. Through weekly classes an 1-2-1 sessions we learnt so much - she even taught Boston how to swim! He could not be less like a gundog but Inger has embraced him and welcomed him to the pack. She completely understands our individual issues and needs. Boston is gaining confidence week on week and so am I. I can't thank Inger enough for all she has done and continues to do. I now know the hard work it takes to get a great family dog but with Inger's advice I feel equipped for the challenge.

Lindsay & Boston

"Inger’s classes were a last ditch attempt at finding a dog training class that actually would work for my dog. Previous classes I had attended were always aimed at perfect pups instead of a highly intelligent and energetic black Labrador pup, who at the time of us attending (15 months) was more of a cross between a rhino and a chimpanzee than a family dog.

Here we are two years later with a well behaved family dog, the one that we thought we were signing up for when we got him as a puppy. His personality is well and truly intact but with the new skills I have learned I can engage his brain and keep his focus on me at all times – making days out with the family much more relaxing and enjoyable.

A well trained dog really is a happy dog."


"I went to Inger with my working Golden Retriever when she was five months old. We had been to other training classes which just didn’t work and I was at my wits end as to what to do. When I met Inger on a one-to-one I told her that “I just wanted a well-behaved dog and didn’t want to do any of the retrieving”!

Now eighteen months on, I have a well-behaved dog, who heels when walking, sits when I tell her to, comes to me when I call her and best of all we both love the retrieving work! What a lot of fun we have."

Philly & Diva

"When Jasper, a flatcoat retriever, was rehomed with us at the age of 14months, we inherited a dog that had never been socialised with other dogs, never been walked off the lead (because he would not come back) and whose interaction with humans consisted of jumping on the furniture, stealing, tearing stuff up, eating underwear and socks, jumping in the bath, and 'humping'! Deemed too difficult to have in the house, he had been shut outside, tied up in the yard, and was annoying the neighbours with his incessant barking ...

With Inger's help, Jasper has learned to socialise in a calm, controlled manner with other dogs and humans, to recall quickly when off lead and to walk calmly to heel both on and off lead. His separation anxiety has resolved and he sleeps peacefully in a crate at night. Best of all he has learnt that he is a retriever! The joy he shows when hunting through bracken for a hidden ball or retrieving a dummy in woodland or over water is a delight. Inger has shown us how to work with his natural instincts and now that his brain is engaged in a positive way, Jasper no longer needs to steal or destroy possessions to gain attention.

Attending training classes and 1:1 sessions at Dogsolutions gave us the skills we needed to help Jasper become the confident, content dog he is today."

Sarah & David

"Inger is a miracle worker. I have two Hungarian Vizslas, mother and very recent daughter - both are a handful! But with Inger’s excellent advice and instincts she has helped me and my husband learn how to work with this high maintenance breed. After just one session, after months of different techniques and harnesses galore, Inger had my Vizsla walking to heal within an hour. After 12 weeks of no sleep with our new pup, Inger gave us a suggestion that meant the next night and onwards we all had a full nights sleep! Inger is a fantastic mentor for us and our dogs, and with her I am really enjoying my developing relationship with my two Vizslas and feel confident that I am learning what they need to be the well behaved, beautiful dogs that is their potential. Thank you Inger! xx "

Laura Farnworth